Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Front Door...Finally!

It's About Time...
Today I finally got around to taking the winter garlands off the front door.  It's finally time for spring!  I like the bird theme...I'm thinking that if I get lazy, it'll do until late summer.  And...knowing me...the odds are that it will be there at least until August. =D

Ivy and Pink Morning Glory Garlands

My Thumper Easter Wreath.

Little Blue Birds of Happiness and birds nests.

Shakers full of bird seed...in case they get hungy.

Such cute little birds.  They were from Tai Pan Trading Co...the coolest store around.

Full view.  The wreath on the left will replace Thumper after Easter.

Thanks for letting me share...if it weren't for this blog I might never get anything done in a timely manner.  Now the sun is coming back out...rats!  I could have had better light.  Oh, well, at least Spring looks like she might be hanging around for a bit.


~~Carol~~ said...

It sure would be a pleasure to come to your front door! It's absolutely beautiful, and I love the charm of adding the shakers of birdseed. I think you're all set until Fall!

vintage grey said...

So sweet! I love it! :) xo Heather

LBP said...

What a pretty front door! I love your Thumper wreath. My Easter wreath has finally bit the dust and I am heading to Michaels this weekend for supplies to make another one. I'm really looking forward to it!