Thursday, November 3, 2011

Collecting Vintage Christmas Ceramic Figures!

Cheerful Christmas Ceramics...
When my husband built the new kitchen addition, he added this pretty built-in knick-knack shelf.  The mirror in the back doubles my collection but can make it hard to get a photo. 

I love cute vintage Christmas figurines.  The shiny red and white catches my eye the minute I enter the store.  Most of my little figures were from thrift stores.  Some have chips and dings...but that doesn't matter to's the cuteness that attracts me.  I love turning the item over to find the "made in Japan" sticker.  It used to signify something cheap, but to me it says "vintage" usually pre-60's.  "Cheap" is the crappy resin that is being used today.

The one that started it all...
The cute little girl on the right is the very first figure I ever bought.  I've had her for at least 20 years.  She's not too small...about 7" tall.  Most of my collection are Inarco, Napco, Joseph, Lefton, Holt name a few. 

Salt and Pepper Shakers...
Cutest Mr. and Mrs. ever!

More Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Santa's Boots

Santa's Boots were a popular theme.

Candle Holders... 
Candle Holders.  The little girls spell "Noel."
I have a few sets that are missing letters, but I still like them.

Sweet Little Noel Angels.
I gave my sister Patti a set where the little girls looked just like her.

Cute Children...
Singing Children and Girls with Gifts and Trees.

This Chunky Santa is about 7" tall.
His rough trim is called "flocking."

Two fun pieces.
When I bought the vase on the left I thought it was broken.
Look at the little reindeer...he's taken a bite out of it.
The deer shaker is kind of Deco looking.

Super fun D.I. purchase.
This cookie jar has three faces.
Under the lid is a wind-up music box that plays "Jingle Bells."

I never grow tired of looking for vintage ceramics.  I don't think I've paid more than a few dollars for any of my treasures.  Some were less than $1.  I hope when you see a cute little orphan "pepper" who is missing his "salt," that you'll consider taking him home for Christmas.

I am thankful that my husband, children and grandchildren are happy and in good health.
I look forward to spending the holidays with them.
Have a Happy November Morning,


Cindy said...

Shirley thank you for making me smile from ear to ear. I do love vintage the sign hanging over the cabinet also!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

LBP said...

A woman after my own heart! I collect these little Christmas figures also!! I have a couple of angels without wings and I love them too because they have such sweet faces. Can't hardly wait to haul these cuties out of their storage bins in the next couple of weeks!



Lynn said...

Wow, love your amazing vintage Christmas collection. Sad to say I don't own any vintage Christmas figurines yet. But, I am on the hunt!! Love all of your lovely goodies. Thanks for sharing them with me!

Betsy said...


These are just adorable! I collect these kinds of figurines too. Last year we found quite a few cute ones. I swear though, I don't have the luck that you do in finding such cute things at such good prices. It's always so fun to pull out the tubs and "rediscover" all the Christmas goodies again. This was such a fun and cheerful post.

SueLovesCherries said...

Shirley, these look great displayed all together like that! I love Christmas figurines, too! You should link this up to Rednesday next week!

Unknown said...

Red and White happy here Shirley! Oh what a wonderful tuck-in display shelf you have, sigh! I also loved your rick rack card display. Like minds love cute! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Ah! I love your collection! brings back happy childhood memories! Thanks for showing us! ♥